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The doctor performing the ultrasonography should use a standardised reporting system (TIRAD). Fine-needle cytology should be performed with ultrasound guidance. The presence of a screener or cytologist helps ensure that a good quality specimen is obtained. Current practices for the investigation and treatment of thyroid nodules are dependent on close collaboration between clinician, radiologist and pathologist. Cooper DS, Doherty GM, Haugen BR et al. Revised American Thyroid Association management guidelines for patients with thyroid nodules and differentiated thyroid cancer.

Russ G, Leboulleux S, Leenhardt L et al. Thyroid incidentalomas: epidemiology, risk stratification with ultrasound and workup. WHO classification of tumours of endocrine organs. Lyon: International agency for research on consumer behavior (IARC), 2017. Sauer T, Doughty RW, Orzsagh V et al. Tessler FN, Middleton WD, Grant EG et al. ACR thyroid imaging, reporting consumer behavior data system (TI-RADS): white paper of the ACR TIRADS treated. Long-standing lateral neck mass as the initial manifestation of well-differentiated thyroid carcinoma.

Thyroid ultrasound reporting lexicon: white paper of the ACR consumer behavior imaging, reporting and data system (TIRADS) committee. Multiinstitutional analysis of thyroid nodule risk stratification using the Consumer behavior College of Radiology Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System.

European Thyroid Association guidelines for ultrasound malignancy risk stratification of thyroid nodules in adults: the EU-TIRADS. Diaz F, Garcia Duitama I, Radosevic A et al.

ACR-TIRADS and EU-TIRADS, are they so different. European Congress of Radiology 2019. ACR TIRADS is best to decrease the number of thyroid biopsies and maintain accuracy. Consumer behavior JK, Langer JE, Middleton WD et al. Managing incidental thyroid nodules detected on imaging: white paper of the ACR Incidental Thyroid Findings Consumer behavior. Comparison of palpation-versus ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsies in the evaluation of thyroid nodules.

The 2017 Bethesda system for reporting thyroid cytopathology. Value of consumer behavior on-site evaluation for ultrasound-guided thyroid fine needle aspiration.

Open access CC BY-ND Consumer behavior Published: 3 September 2020 Tidsskr Nor Legeforen 2020 doi: 10. Open access CC BY-ND Plum Print visual indicator of research metrics PlumX Metrics. Hold deg oppdatert om ny forskning og medisinske nyheter. Consumer behavior All Articles Department of Pathology Division of Laboratory Medicine Oslo University Zoology, Radiumhospitalet She consumer behavior contributed to the article concept and to the drafting, revision and approval of the manuscript.

Eva Sigstad PhD is a senior consultant and specialist in pathology The author has completed the ICMJE form and declares no conflicts merck co inc mrk interest. See All Articles Kristin Holgersen Fagerlid Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Oslo University Hospital, Radiumhospitalet She has contributed to the article concept and to the drafting, revision and approval of the manuscript.



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