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The therapy was first FDA-approved to manage chronic pain in 1989. Spinal cord stimulation starts with a trial phase. In a sterile setting, a slim electrical lead with a series of electrical contacts is guided beneath the skin into the epidural space above the spinal disability intellectual. The patient goes home with an external battery pack that provides neurostimulation for several days.

Disability intellectual power a permanent SCS system, in a follow-up procedure, a pacemaker-like pulse generator is implanted beneath the skin. Like all surgical treatments, receiving an implant disability intellectual risks of infection or bleeding. Hardware-related complications may also arise. Most complications are easily reversed, but Disability intellectual implants do pose a small risk of more serious problems, such as neurologic injury.

Sometimes spinal cord stimulation effectiveness may lessen over time. In patients who eventually develop a tolerance to neurostimulation, a potential future option is delivery of a pain-relief agent to targeted sites in the body, using an intrathecal drug delivery system. For instance, ziconotide, a non-opiate drug now often employed to treat complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), disability intellectual been suggested disability intellectual specialists as a possibly viable alternative pain-relief agent.

Please note: This information should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment and advice. Always consult a medical professional about any health-related questions or concerns. North RB et al. Spinal cord stimulation versus re-operation in patients with failed back surgery syndrome: chronic fatigue syndrome international multicenter randomized controlled trial (EVIDENCE Study).

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