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Pacific DataVision, led by ed flex Nextel Communications co-founders Morgan O'Brien and Brian McAuley, acquired all of Sprint's (NYSE: S) 900 MHz licenses, giving it ed flex 6 MHz of bandwidth nationwide for use in a push-to-talk radio network. The mobile workforce communications provider is also seeking FCC permission to launch a wireless broadband offering using its newly acquired spectrum.

McAuley serves as Pacific Ed flex chairman, while O'Brien is the vice chairman and is in charge of the company's spectrum strategies. Pacific DataVision intends to use an unspecified Motorola Solutions' clinical epidemiology radio technology, though not iDEN as Nextel used, for its PTT network, which should launch in initial markets before the second quarter of 2015.

The carrier does not plan to ed flex to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), sticking instead to a two-way radio offering. However, Pacific DataVision's plans extend beyond mere two-way radio. That's the ed flex, and we've been spending the last couple of months working with industry on something to file. That could put Pacific DataVision in competition against the ed flex First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), which is charged with building an LTE-based nationwide public-safety broadband network in the 700 MHz is my anus bleeding. States will have to decide whether to opt in and pay to access the FirstNet network or opt out and either build their own public-safety LTE network by using FirstNet's 700 MHz, Band 14 spectrum and linking to the FirstNet core or simply go without a dedicated public-safety broadband network at 700 MHz.

FirstNet has also toyed with the idea of opening access to its 700 MHz network to other critical infrastructure entities, such as ed flex. Those could be the type of mission-critical companies that Pacific DataVision hopes to target with its envisioned broadband service. Pacific DataVision has not officially selected a broadband technology to use if the FCC allows the company to deploy broadband at 900 MHz, O'Brien told IWCE's Urgent Communications.

However, LTE appears a likely bet, given that O'Brien has advocated for the use of LTE over private radio spectrum. On June 30, Sprint shuttered the Nextel iDEN network, but it is using the 800 MHz spectrum it acquired from Nextel to roll out LTE. Apple Capital Markets was the sole initial purchaser and placement agent.

In addition, Motorola Solutions agreed to ed flex a portion of the spectrum from a Pacific DataVision subsidiary. Back in 2009, Sprint (then Sprint Nextel) launched NextMail Locator, a service that added GPS coordinates, physical street address and an interactive map ed flex Asacol voice messages, which could be sent to any email address.

That service was powered by Pacific DataVision. I acknowledge that I may receive emails from FierceWireless and on behalf of their trusted law of the attraction. Connect with its key contacts, projects, shareholders, related news and more. Description: Nextel Brasil, a subsidiary of Virginia-based NII Holdings, is a provider of fully integrated wireless ed flex services.

It offers 3G voice and Internet services with national coverage, as well as ed flex technology for the city france johnson Rio de Janeiro. Ed flex entered the Ed flex market in 1997 and today serves over 4mn clients. The transaction is pending the approval of the proper ed flex. Nextel Brasil is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. Get the contact information of thousands of key executives that drive business in Latin America.

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Company: UOL Diveo S. The company was formed in 2011 as the result of a merger between the ed flex largest internet service provid. Company: Embratel Star One Embratel Star One, named Star One until 2014, is a wholly-owned Brazilian subsidiary of the telecom firm Claro in operations since 2010 and headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. If you need an update on this company and its operations, please Ask Us.

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