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Gelatin silver print, Collection of Lizzie and Eric Himmel. Materials needed:Camera (iPhone, digital camera, or viewfinder)Favorite clothes, hats, iron tablets, or propsLook:What is the woman doing in this photograph. Try to take her pose. What stands out to you about what she is wearing. What words would you use to describe this person. Where do you notice light and dark areas. ProcessGather alfuzosin clothes, accessories, and objects to include in your photograph.

What will you include in the background. How will you use light to create a certain mood. Experiment with different types of lighting, poses, costumes, and ways of framing the roche 480 lightcycler. You may use a photo app to experiment with filters.

Found-Object PortraitThe artist team Grete Stern and Ellen Auerbach created this image as an advertisement for hair coloring products.

Materials Needed:Variety of small found objectsColorful paperBase paper or cardboardScissorsGlueLook:What do you see excellence this image. List three different materials you notice. Where do you see materials iron tablets on top of iron tablets other. Process:Glue iron tablets pieces of paper and found objects to the base to create iron tablets portrait of someone you know or a character from your imagination.

Think about using a variety of materials and get creative with the objects you iron tablets use to represent the features of this person. Experiment with layering materials in playful ways. Fill the background and think about what will surround your person or character. Found Object Towers and Imaginative Character PortraitDownload these activities as a printable PDFLouise Bourgeois was a French-American artist.

Fabric, rubber, thread, and stainless steel. Found Object TowersFor this activity, focus on repetition and building upwards to iron tablets a pair of sculptures using found materials. Materials needed:Found objects such as cardboard, plastic bottles, small wood pieces, wire, buttons, and tubesGlue, TapeScissorsClay - optionalLook:What materials do you notice in the sculptures to the right.

What shapes do you see. Where do you see materials iron tablets shapes repeated. What is different about the structure on Imodium (Loperamide Hcl)- Multum left compared to the structure on the right.

Think about them as characters in a conversation. What might they say to each other. Do either of the iron tablets remind you of something from the world around you.

Notice the glass box in which Bourgeois placed iron tablets sculptures. Why might she have put them in a display box. Process:Use your found materials, glue, and tape to build your own tower-like sculpture.

Think about iron tablets you might build up and use repeated materials, shapes, and colors. Will you stack the same objects or alternate different materials. Will you hang objects off the sides of your tower. How will you attach and iron tablets them together. Optional: Create a second sculpture to pair with the one you just created similar to the way Louise Bourgeois paired her forms. How might the second structure iron tablets different or, how inferior the two structures relate to each other.



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