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ExpectorantsSecretagogues (expectorants) increase the volume of water and mucus in the airway. View this table:View inlineView popupDownload powerpointTable 2.

Kinsey test scale Drug-Device CombinationsNasal DeliveryDelivery of mucoactive aerosols targeting the nose and paranasal sinuses is an area of active investigation. ConclusionsThere are a variety of different medications that have been proposed for the treatment of airway mucus secretion. DiscussionDiBlasi:Bruce, that was an amazing presentation, as usual. Berlinski:I want to address that question as well. Rubin:The only downside is not having the data. Hill:Thank you for that great talk.

Rubin:Because it has a low pH, I would think it would initially increase it. Willson:Bruce, another comment kinsey test scale approach to trying to clear out secretions down the airways-but not mine-is dilute bicarbonate. Rubin:We did earlier work with perflubron when it was still being studied as a means of liquid ventilation, and we got involved because people were getting all sorts of garbage damage with its use.

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