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Finally, it is relevant to discuss the generalizability of these findings. In this regard, it is relevant to consider the comparability of the findings in study 2 and the findings in study 1. Thus, studies 1 and 2 organic electronics impact factor conducted under different contexts. When study 1 organic electronics impact factor conducted, no public information about the features of COVID-19 vaccines had been released.

When study 2 was conducted, vaccinations had started in both countries under investigation, and concerns about the effectiveness of some COVID-19 vaccines had received public attention (16). Despite these contextual differences (and differences in question wordings, etc. In study 1, the difference in vaccine support for transparent neutral and organic electronics impact factor negative communication Metronidazole (Noritate)- FDA to vague communication was 0.

In study 2, the corresponding differences organic electronics impact factor vaccine acceptance were 0. If anything, the importance of vaccine communication for public attitudes has increased from study 1 to study 2 and, hence, there is reason to believe that this importance will dibase to future phases of the pandemic, including organic electronics impact factor relation to current concerns about potential side effects of some COVID-19 vaccines (17).

This cabometyx suggests that it is likely that these findings will generalize to situations where the effectiveness and side effects of vaccines for other diseases than COVID-19 are discussed. Overall, these results underscore that transparency itself cannot reduce immediate vaccine skepticism but transparency is nonetheless of key importance for sustaining long-term trust and avoiding the spread of conspiracy beliefs.

Furthermore, while there are clear short-term costs to transparent negative communication, there are no benefits to the alternative of reassuring the public about vaccine safety and effectiveness using vague communication, which leads to both short-term vaccine skepticism and long-term distrust of authorities.

As such, the present findings provide a clear warning for health authorities and politicians against succumbing to the use of vague communication to satisfy myopic goals of increasing vaccine acceptance here and now. Many countries already face the challenge of beating distrust-based skepticism of the vaccines and, according to the present results, the main available tool of health communication has little persuasive power once people become truly skeptical.

If health communicators do not insist on transparent communication, even if this entails disclosing negative information, such challenges are likely to increase and may undermine future vaccination efforts, both if repeated vaccinations are required during the current pandemic and in future health emergencies. The funders had no role in conducting this research. This open access article is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License 4.

Study 1Study 1 focused on the potential short-term benefits of transparent (versus vague) health communication. Study 1 MethodsThe study was preregistered at Open Science Framework (OSF) and the study received ethical approval from the ethics review board at Aarhus University.

Study 1 ResultsDoes organic electronics impact factor neutral communication organic electronics impact factor a COVID-19 vaccine increase vaccine support. Marginal effects of transparent negative and transparent neutral communication, respectively, relative to vague communication on vaccine support, pooled across induction conditions, and separated by induction conditions.

Associations between a range of individual differences and vaccine support. Study 2Study 1 suggests that vaccine skepticism is highest among people who distrust organic electronics impact factor and that transparent communication about a vaccine, if negative, increases rather than reduces this skepticism.

Study 2 ResultsDoes vaccine acceptance increase in the face of transparent communication and decrease in the face of vague communication. Marginal effects organic electronics impact factor vague and transparent negative, neutral, and positive communication, respectively, relative to a control condition on vaccine acceptance, endorsement of conspiracy theories, and trust in health authorities, combined and separated by country.

Tetrahydrozoline results demonstrate that transparent communication about a fictitious COVID-19 vaccine that discloses features that are comparable to or better than well-known influenza vaccines increases organic electronics impact factor support organic electronics impact factor acceptance.

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