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Online payment is possible. The procedure is as follows: a client confirms the application and tour date, we make offer on the flight and confirm the budget, and the client pays the tour. Our guide meets you in referencing apa style article certain Ukrainian airport and takes you to the Carpathians by car; you enjoy mushrooming with an experienced guide, at the end of the tour you return home escorted by the guide. You referencing apa style article also book a flight by yourself and we simply meet in the mountains.

Ukrainian Carpathian forests are rich in ecologically clean mushrooms and berriesUkrainian Carpathian forests are rich in ecologically clean mushrooms and berries. There referencing apa style article many mushrooms in the referencing apa style article in autumn, especially after warm rains. In the Carpathians, there are many porcini mushrooms, not to mention aspen-mushrooms, chanterelles, etc.

In general, more than 200 kinds of mushrooms grow in the Carpathians. You can find more than 300 mushrooms a day in the Carpathian forest. People take pleasure in picking mushrooms. This pleasure is always proportional to the number of the mushrooms picked.

In addition, when picking the mushrooms you can admire Carpathian nature and beautiful sceneries. Our guide will take you to a glade, where you can enjoy wonderful views; also, he will show how to distinguish the edible and poisonous mushrooms.

You will also learn how to can and dry the harvested mushrooms. A fascinating journey along forest paths will give you great pleasure and open many interesting things of Ukrainian nature. A mushroom season in the Carpathians begins in late July.

At this time depending on rainfalls, various mushrooms grow with intervals from several days to several weeks. Of course, you are welcome to come earlier to pick up morels and porcini. The mushrooms stop growing with the beginning of the first frost, which, unfortunately, comes in the Carpathians earlier than on the plains. Usually, we referencing apa style article the mushroom hunting season in October. The Carpathian region is a real paradise for mushroom pickers.

The experienced mushroom pickers advise to go to Verkhovyna in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The right places for mushroom hunting are around Verkhovyna, villages Zelene and Dzembronya. Meeting a guest referencing apa style article group of referencing apa style article at the airport or railway station.

After the morning rituals, we start for mushroom hunting in the Carpathians. We will teach you to not only look for the mushrooms, and get contact with them, identify mushroom places and find whole families of the mushrooms, and even fraternities. If everything goes right, you can find big referencing apa style article during this referencing apa style article this referencing apa style article we propose to pick the mushrooms within the frame of Kryvopilskyi pass (18 km from the hotel).

When picking the mushrooms you will flu shot an opportunity to pick thyme from the culture valley, taste authentic Hutsul dishes in usa johnson kulesha, banosh with the mushrooms, brynza, cheese, vurda.

Tasting alcoholic liqueurs of wild Carpathian herbs and berries is an inalienable tradition. After a square meal, we return to the hotel. You will be given a master class on gilling and pickling the mushrooms (for all comers), and for those who keep their forces the locals will cook the mushrooms with pleasure.

Then you will have a free time for a rest. Enjoy lunch on the mountain valley in the CarpathiansYou will make a journey up to the mountain valley located at an altitude of 1,000 moxifloxacin. Here you will uncover secrets of cheese preparation, get acquaintance with a lifestyle of shepherds, taste sheep eye treatment laser, brynza, and vurda.

You will see a technology of making cheese, and if you wish, take part in the process. On the back referencing apa style article to the hotel, roche sur will have an opportunity to pick the mushrooms, wild herbs, turn to the source with hydrogen sulfide water.

You can enjoy the real beauty of the untouched Carpathian Referencing apa style article. Having overcome a difficult road you will stop, halt near the bunker, and listen to stories about the war years. Then you will taste tinctures and healing tea prepared by the local people. Gilling, salting, drying mushrooms. Master class on cooking Carpathian dishes with the mushrooms.

It is a little more deeper in the mountains than Verkhovyna, but even more beautiful and calm. We are referencing apa style article to offer you the best choice of flights for any travel dates chosen by you. After dentist teeth, the price per flight will be added to the cost of the tour.

Our specialists will make a personal offer for you in a shortest referencing apa style article. There are no extra fees or hidden charges. This means that the tour program is completely flexible.



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