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PB led the development of Box 1, Tables 1, 2 with Roche one retro, AI, and MP-R. All authors discussed the broad ideas as part of the Diversified Farming Systems Center weekly meetings during Spring 2019 at the University of California, Berkeley, were invited to edit the full manuscript, and roche one retro publication. FC acknowledges University of California Health Initiative of the Americas and the University of California Program Alianza UCMX.

We would like to thank the Center for Diversified Farming Systems at the Berkeley Food Institute for bringing these authors together. We would like to thank Milton Stookey for assistance with references. Panarchy: theory and application. Adaptive management for a turbulent future. The ecological role of biodiversity in agroecosystems. Agroecology: the science of natural resource management for poor farmers in marginal environments.

The agroecological revolution in Latin America: rescuing nature, ensuring food sovereignty and empowering peasants. From roche one retro to domains of transformation: getting to sustainable and just food systems through agroecology. Explaining trends in roche one retro governance: roche one retro problem definitions underpin risk regimes.

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When farmers are pulled in too many directions: comparing institutional drivers of food safety and environmental sustainability in California agriculture. Inconsistent food safety pressures complicate environmental conservation for California produce growers. Contradictions, consequences and the human toll of food safety culture. An underground revolution: biodiversity and soil ecological engineering for agricultural sustainability. Food safety and environmental quality impose conflicting demands on central coast growers.

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Exploring the climate change, migration and conflict nexus. Can fairy tales come true.



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