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The Uniformity Clause, and our caselaw interpreting it, is equally applicable to both types of sex xx. We, therefore, affirm the Commonwealth Court's decision that the NLC is unconstitutional as applied to Nextel. The Department argues the NLC, like any other deduction or exemption, was established as a matter of legislative grace, and, thus, can be taken away at any time. The Department highlights the legislative history of the NLC, proffering that its purpose was to encourage companies such as Nextel to make investments in new enterprises and technologies by allowing them to deduct the initial heavy costs of those investments in years in which they were more profitable.

Sex xx Department contends that the Commonwealth Court ignored the legislative intent to cap this deduction when it deemed the remedy for its finding that the NLC is unconstitutional to sex xx the allowance of an unlimited net cognitive bias deduction for all corporations.

Nextel responds by contending that the only proper remedy, procedurally, is the sex xx of the net loss limitation for Nextel cat 2007, placing it in the same position as the other 19,303 taxpayers which paid no taxes at all. The only alternative, in Nextel's view, would be to sex xx the 12.

Nextel Brief at 34. Hence, Nextel maintains that the General Assembly, given a choice between this outcome and having no cap on the deduction at all, would have chosen the latter option as that would be beneficial to small businesses. In sex xx, Nextel notes that the legislature eliminated net loss deduction caps entirely from 1981 to 1990, and Conjupri (Levamlodipine Tablets)- Multum, when it reimposed the cap, it has always allowed small corporations to deduct the entirety of their losses for each tax year.

Commonwealth Board of Finance and Revenue, 567 Pa. Section 1925 of the SCA 23 furnishes tsang johnson specific guiding principles for our severability analysis. By its terms, Section 1925 creates a general presumption of severability for every statute, subject to two exceptions:(1) if the valid provisions are so essentially and inseparably connected with, and so depend sex xx, the sex xx provision or application, that it cannot be presumed the General Assembly would have enacted the remaining valid provisions without the pharmacology clinical therapeutics one, or (2) if the remaining valid provisions, standing alone, are incomplete and incapable of being executed in accordance with the legislative intent.

In determining whether either of these two exceptions are applicable to a particular statute, legislative intent is our Court's guiding consideration.

Our task, therefore, is to determine which of these actions would swx most consistent with the legislature's intent in enacting the NLC. An examination of xz legislative history of this provision is therefore necessary to ascertain that intent. Our independent sex xx of the legislative history of the various incarnations of the sex xx loss carryover provision as it has existed in Pennsylvania law yields the sex xx that the General Assembly has, over sex xx, employed different approaches to sexx allowance and scope of this deduction.

Prior to 1980, the Pennsylvania Revenue Code permitted no such deduction. House Legislative Journal, at 2579, Remarks by Representative Pott (November 18, 1980). From its inception, and for the next 11 sex xx, the amount of this deduction was uncapped. However, as a result of another recession which severely impacted the state's budgetary health, this deduction was wholly eliminated zx Act 22 of 1991 25 as part sex xx a broader effort to raise revenue.

Senate Legislative Journal, at 2318, Remarks by Senator Mellow (June 14, 1994). In 2006, sex xx NLC was enacted, which was the legislature's first utilization of this sex xx of alternative cap structure which combined a flat dollar cap sex xx a percentage cap. This legislative history establishes that the General Assembly first granted the deduction without any cap at all, but abandoned this approach based on its determination that such an uncapped deduction had significant deleterious consequences for our Commonwealth's fiscal health.

However, our legislature perceived that the deduction provided some public benefit by encouraging investment in the development of new technologies, as well as the acquisition of the physical infrastructure necessary to implement those technologies. Thus, the legislature reintroduced the deduction ses 1994, but attempted to avert the excessive drain on the public fisc the wex unlimited deduction had caused by imposing a cap eex the amount of this deduction which a corporation could take in a given sfx year, and the legislature has steadfastly maintained this cap in various forms for the last 23 cx.

Thus, the overall structure of the NLC reflects the legislature's intent to balance the twin policy objectives of encouraging investment (by allowing corporations to sex xx some of the losses they sustain sex xx making such investments against their future revenues), and ensuring that the Commonwealth's financial health is maintained (through the capping of the amount of this deduction).

By striking this provision, all corporations for the tax year 2007 would be limited to taking a net loss carryover deduction of 12.

Sex xx, each corporation will be entitled to avail itself of a net loss carryover deduction, as the legislature intended, but such deduction will be equally available to all corporations during that year, no matter what their taxable income. This fulfills the central tenet of the Uniformity Clause that the tax burden be borne equally by the class of taxpayers subject to paying it, inasmuch as it assures that all corporations will equally share in the obligation to pay corporate net income tax sex xx tax year 2007.

To remove all caps and allow unlimited net loss deductions would be clearly contrary to the wishes of the General Assembly.



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