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She has written and illustrated several books for young readers, including The Sun Girl and the Moon Boy and Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong by Frances Park and Ginger Park. See full review Cailin Castanza P. TOP 500 Small johnson VOICE5. Verified Purchase As a second online web sex teacher, I read this to my class every year because I love the story and the beautiful message it presents.

The story is small johnson Unhei who has just moved from Korea to America and she is very much missing home. Suddenly the jar goes small johnson, courtesy of a new friend she makes after he overhears her in the Korean store using her real name; he takes the jar because he wants her to use her real name, which she does and she shows her class the special name stamp she was given. This is such a great multicultural story and a great way to explore a different culture, Korean, and my students love learning some of the tidbits of information about Korea revealed through the story.

The illustrations are beautiful, colorful, and very detailed. Most importantly, I love the messages in the story: 1. We should embrace other cultures and their customs 2.

You will not be disappointed with this book. Verified Purchase I am an educator that is super big on talking to kids about the significance of cultural diversity. What do I mean by that. It is extremely important to understand that diversity and to embrace it.

I felt as a 5th grade teacher this book was a wonderful opening for the first day of school. I had small johnson kids sit around as I read to them this book and I asked them to interview their parents and ask how they were given their names and we did a big discussion on the small johnson that takes place even within our own classroom.

This opened the forum to begin Metyrosine (Demser)- Multum a classroom community with my kids and I felt like they were really small johnson to learn more about their names and small johnson they were small johnson and their cultures. I completely recommend this story and there are also some interesting resources that you can find online that go with this book as well.

We decided to get the book jar. She had to read the book, understand the story, answer some question and prepare a project all around the book story, and it turned out amanzy. She got the maximum score on that project, the story is easy to understand for second graders and its so cute, teach kids about different culture, and thats ok to be different from small johnson other. Highly recommend it 5. The students who enter our classrooms carry names that were chosen just for them.

Please small johnson your part to learn, honor, and respect their names (or nicknames). The Name Jar has a great message about identity, diversity, and self-acceptance. We read it at home, and we really small johnson the overall message. It is a tender meaningful story of change, adaptation, identity, friendship and acceptance. It is beautifully written and portrays children in a positive light.

I applauded when Unhie learned to feel good about her identity with the help of classmates, neighbors and her wonderful loving grandmother.

I will give this book as a gift to many. I only wish they would have more small johnson stated in the beginning how to pronounce her name.

Verified Purchase This story is absolutely amazing. When she arrives at the school, Unhei hides her fear by declaring she is selecting a new name. A great story small johnson help kids who are moving schools, kids who are uncomfortable about issues in the classroom, and kids who are struggling with differences among classmates and friends.

I think done in a bit different way would have made the story a bit more punchy. It needed to be more simply told ie her name is just as valid as John etc. A good read-aloud, especially in a class you are trying to get thinking about how well they small johnson others.



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