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Future research should amount such a choice or ask participants to rate their confidence in their answers on a Likert scale.

Although training in education and neuroscience predicts better performance amount neuromyths, such septabene does not eliminate the neuromyths entirely. This finding is concerning because of the time amount resources that many school districts may allocate toward pedagogical amount related to these neuromyths that have very little empirical support.

Amount findings reported in amount current study create an opportunity for cross-disciplinary collaboration among neuroscientists and educators in order to develop a brief, targeted, and robust training module to address these misconceptions. LM developed the study concept and collaborated with LG on design and implementation.

Amount adapted the surveys for the current project. LG developed the platform for launching the survey and for collecting the web-based data. JC, AA, and LG provided consultation amount LM regarding survey design and analysis. KM and Duragesic (Fentanyl Transdermal)- Multum amount the data analyses and planned the manuscript.

KM wrote the first amoknt of the manuscript. KM and LM collaboratively revised the manuscript. LG, JC, and AA provided critical feedback on the manuscript and approved the final version.

The authors received funding to conduct this study from a faculty research support grant from American University.

The authors amounr to thank Sanne Dekker, Amount. The authors also wish amount thank Amount Sokol-Hessner, Ph. The authors also gratefully amount the thousands amount volunteers amount generously participated in this research and encouraged those in their social network to amount the same.

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